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This online self-paced module can be undertaken at any time and at your own pace.

This module works best using INTERNET EXPLORER to be able to view video examples using Windows Media Player 11. For technical assistance contact Gowrie SA on

The module explores developing and monitoring the following topics:

  • Budgets linked with service outcomes
  • Utilisation
  • Setting parent fees
  • Managing financial systems including analysis and reporting against budgets
  • Managing the use of funds
  • Developing and recommending options for managing financial options
  • Managing financial implications of NQF requirements
  • Developing and implementing proposals and monitoring property and equipment

Links to unit - Manage the Finances, Accounts and Resources of an Organisation CHCADMIN604B

This online self-paced module explores reviewing organisational processes, procedures and compliance requirements for undertaking risk management, analysing risks and developing strategies and action plans to respond to, prevent or lessen the impact of risks.

You can complete this package in your own time and log in and out as you work through it.

Links to competency - Manage Risk (BSBRSK501) 

This webinar, presented by Rhonda Livingstone, National Education Leader ACECQA explores the cycle of planning.

This online package is designed to be used as a guide for education and care services to support induction of new educators, students or volunteers to their organisation.

You will find examples and checklists throughout this online package which can be adapted or used to guide your thinking when developing your own materials.

This online module will provide the opportunity to explore the notions of diversity, equity and diversity as they relate to the aspects of everyday practice. Educators and staff teams will have the opportunity to engage in professional conversations and make meaning of practices and beliefs while exploring the In2clusion Information Sheets.

Contribute to WHS Processes


This online module is intended for learners undertaking Certificate III in Children's Services or those who are seeking a deeper understanding of basic Workplace Health and Safety processes and responsibilities.

Food safety is a vital component for high quality programs. Safe and hygienic food handling is the responsibility of all staff and a requirement of the National Quality Standards.

This online course will provide you with up to date information regarding the Food Safety Standards which, when applied in your service, will lead to consistent practice and minimise food poisoning and contamination risks.

This course includes the new Food Safety Standards and a food safety quiz and supports your service in meeting food safety requirements under the National Quality Framework.

This resource has been developed for use by Correctional Officers to support their knowledge and understanding of:

  • Who are the children of prisoners?
  • The difficulties faced by children of prisoners
  • Effects of parental incarceration.
  • How individuals in the prison system can make a difference e.g. attitude at visits and facilitating child: parent contact and why it is important to support the continuation of relationships between a child and a parent.